Mayhem wine barrels in the cellar

      Nancy is a local Calgary artist who has been exploring art forms for most of her life from a career in designing homes to perpetually taking classes including drawing, watercolors, and now working in acrylics. She also happens to be one of the Meyer siblings (and our father’s name was Art!) Nancys art subject matters range widely from landscapes and streetscapes to animals and some figurative subjects usually inspired by family and friends.

      "I paint for the joy of taking a beautiful subject and seeing if I can make it come to life on canvas.  My landscapes are inspired by the scenes around me from holidays at the lake or oceans, golf courses or walks in the city!  I am excited to bring my paintings to a wider public through my display at Mayhem and my website."

      You can view more of Nancy's art at

      Wines produced under License #302084 at Meyer Family Vineyards