The Wine Club



Club Mayhem is a great club, that's not really a club, it's more a gathering of friends who love wine.  Break all the rules!  No fees to join.  Pick the wines you want.  Get the ship dates you need. 

Interested in 10% off your wines?  Want to be first in line for new releases, special events and more?  JOIN Club Mayhem today and be one of the first to receive our new releases.  We ship six bottles in the spring and six bottles in the fall (or you can arrange to pick up). 

It's free to join and if you make it by the published deadline for each ship you can pick your wines for the case - if not you'll receive the selection of our awesome winemaker Simone. And you are free to cancel whenever you want, but...why? 

Just send an email to and we'll be in touch to sign you up!



PS   We'd love to hear your dream list for a wine club, send us a note before we get too far.